Different Types Of Bariatric Chairs

Published: 31st May 2011
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Bariatrics is a medicine branch that includes diagnosis and treatment of people who are suffering from obesity. Obese people have a lot of problems in moving around on their own. To help obese individuals sit comfortably, there are bariatric chairs.

Obese people are likely to have a wider body frame that does not properly fit into a standard chair. Also, obese people are way too heavier than normal people. So, it is important for such people to sit on chairs that are specially made for them. Chairs that are designed to provide comfort and space to obese people are termed as bariatric chairs.

There are different types of bariatric chairs available in the market that can serve different purposes. The fundamental guidelines remain the same for all types of bariatric chairs. They all are constructed from a heavy duty structure. Different materials are used for manufacturing different types of bariatric chairs for suiting personal and professional preferences.

Reclining bariatric chair

These are basically bariatric lounge chairs. These are pretty popular and provide obese people with relaxation and comfort. Reclining bariatric chairs have some features like recline mechanism, smooth lifting system, glide footrest, adjustable seat height and easy hand control. This type of chair is ideal for relaxing and enjoying simple moments off life like everyday activities.

Bariatric office chairs

Obese individuals who work in corporate offices must opt for special bariatric chairs that are designed to meet the requirements of overweight people at workplace. Such chairs usually have an ergonomic design and a powerful frame.

Bariatric folding chairs

This type of chairs is highly practical and flexible. Some special bariatric folding chairs come with different functionalities like folding back, better maneuverability and detachable desk arms. Some models come with extra wheel chairs that can be operated manually.

Bariatric wheelchairs

Obese people who are undergoing medical treatments would need special bariatric chairs that can meet the requirements of a hospital. Bariatric wheelchairs can increase patient mobility. Some obese people grow disabilities with time and find it hard to move here and there on their own. It is not possible for other people to help overweight patients to move from one place to the other, but bariatric wheelchairs can do this.

Irrespective of design and type, bariatric chairs portable and easy to use. They are a necessity for overweight individuals. One must do a little research before buying bariatric chairs. Quality and reliability are some of the factors that should be taken care of while choosing the right kind of chair.

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