A Chef Uniform – Designed for Style or Necessity?

Published: 11th September 2009
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A chef's uniform has not changed much over the years. In fact, the image of a big white apron and a puffy hat has become the hallmark of a chef. But the complete uniform of a chef doesn't comprise just that. The uniform consists of different pieces of clothing although most chefs do not wear all of those. Big restaurants or hotel chains insist on the chef wearing the complete uniform but small food joints have no such compulsion.

Chef's uniform

A chef's uniform generally comprises a chef hat, a bandanna, scarf, bow tie, a chef neckerchief; apron, chef jacket, chef pants, belt, gloves as well as shoes. A chef's hat, scarf and apron are worn by almost all chefs. Ties and scarves are worn by most chefs since they act as sweat absorbents. A bandana mostly acts as a sweat blocker. Most chefs wear aprons or waistcoats as these serve to be more comfortable than the fancy jackets. Designer jackets are preferred by big restaurant chains because it lends a sophisticated look to the chef. The purpose of a chef hat is to prevent stray hair strands from finding its way into a customer's dish. But nowadays, skull caps are used instead, whereas the hats are worn mostly by the helpers in the kitchen. Aprons and bibs are designed on special order. There is no standard color or design of the apron. The chef's pants are mostly loose and baggy. The entire costume of the chef has been designed keeping in mind the kitchen scenario. The kitchen is a hot place and so loose fitted clothing is a norm. There is no fixed rule regarding the design and color of the pants. Chefs prefer a deep shade since the stains and splatters would not be as distinguishable as those would be in a light colored pair of pants.

Is it all about style or necessity?

The uniform definitely has been designed for necessity because each part of the uniform has a purpose. All of it is directed towards comfortable preparation of hygienic food. But the profession is becoming more and more glamorous with each passing day. Chefs are no longer the unrecognized faces behind kitchen doors. They are talented people who actively engage in public relations, and often directly interact with diners. Therefore, being presentable is of profound importance to them. The chef's uniform reflects the status of the eatery. So, most chefs don extremely fashionable outfits. But this is applicable to high profile restaurants and food chains only.

So that is all about a chef's stylish gears. For more information on this topic you can refer to information found on the internet.

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