2 Types Of Zodiac Pool Cleaners

Published: 25th March 2011
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According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation and the USA Swimming, there are nearly 10 million natatoriums in the USA. Moreover, nearly 360,000 public pools stay open throughout the year. Although owning a natatorium is a pleasurable indulgence, but maintaining and keeping it clean can be a major issue. However, the task can be made a lot easier with the help of Zodiac pool cleaners. Installing Zodiac automatic pool cleaners will ensure that your pool remains crystal clear.

Some of the popular models of Zodiac swimming pool cleaners are Zodiac Ranger, Zodiac Zoom, Zodiac Zippy, Zodiac Pacer, Vortex 3, Indigo, Sweepy Free, Cybernaut NT, Lazernaut, Voyager 2X, Spa Wand, G2, G4, Super G +, X7 Quattro, Topaze and Manata II.

G2 and X7 Quattro Zodiac Pool Cleaners

Here is a brief introduction to some key features of the G2 and X7 Quattro Zodiac pool cleaners:

G2 Pool Cleaners: These highly efficient suction pool cleaners are suitable for almost all types of pool shapes and floor surfaces, including tiled, liner, painted concrete, reinforced PVC, and fiber glass. Once plugged into the skimmer box, these Zodiac pool cleaners start automatically. You just need to attach the hose and the disc.

Their high end Quick-Release Cassette system gives them a cleaning speed of 6m/min. Moreover, their unparalleled flow gauge allows you to set the appropriate water flow for optimal cleaning performance. The hydrodynamic design of these Zodiac pool cleaners increases their suction on the pool surface and allows them to pull in the most difficult debris. Further, their streamlined design and wheel deflector give them high maneuverability. They can easily climb the walls and reach the tight corners without getting stuck. Zodiac G2 pool cleaners come with a 2-year warranty.

X7 Quattro Pool Cleaners: These completely automated pool cleaners are specially designed for cleaning the steep walls of an in-ground pool. Their unique design and Quattro Traction technology give them enhanced mobility and extra adhesion, required for climbing walls and reaching sharp corners.

The Flexi Hose technology used in these automated machines ensures maximum pool coverage. Their Twist Lock technology gives a secured hose connection system, which reduces the vacuum loss and maximizes water tightness. Further, their extra large suction mouth inlet and Dia Cyclone technology enhance their suction power by almost 40%. The X7 Quattro Pool Cleaners come with a 3-year warranty.

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