2 Types Of Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Cleaners

Published: 25th March 2011
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The first Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner was manufactured in 1974. However, the original design has undergone several modifications since it was first created. Kreepy Krauly has over 1.5 million satisfied customers worldwide. Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaners are preferred by most pool owners because of their unique features and consistent outstanding performance.

Some of the distinguished features of these devices include corrosion resistance, no diaphragm to replace, no compartments, no submerged electrical cords, automatic regulator valve and turbo-action swivel design for maximum cleaning power. Moreover, the Universal seal and Starfish seal enable them to effectively clean concrete and above ground pools. Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners can operate even at a depth of 40 feet, as well as under a pool solar blanket.

Kreepy Krauly Automatic Pool Cleaners: Letro Legend Platinum veruss Sand Shark

Two of the popular models of Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaners are:

Letro Legend Platinum Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

This high end device can make the laborious task of pool cleaning quite easy. The powerful pressure side pool cleaners are powered by a booster pump for unimpeded surface skimming and optimum cleaning power. These Kreepy Krauly cleaners are especially suitable for in-ground pools that are exposed to a large amount of leaves and debris. Some of the advanced features of these cleaning devices are:

1. Dual thrust jets for maximum speed and power. It will take you only 1 to 3 hours to clean the whole pool.

2. Four-wheel design prevents the cleaner from tipping, which is a common problem in three wheeled cleaners.

3. Treaded tires for greater traction on inclined surfaces.

4. Huge intake throat and large capacity debris channel for removing smaller as well as larger debris.

5. Extra-large collection bag.

Sand Shark

The Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark has a two-way cleaning action. First, it scrubs the pool walls and floors, and dislodges the stubborn dirt particles with the help of its rubber scrubbers. Then a powerful suction effect is created by the vortex chamber and the flapper assembly, which vacuums away the dirt and sends it to the filtration system.

Some of the extraordinary features of these Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaners are:

1. Patented programmed steering for maximum pool coverage.

2. Easily cleans fiberglass, vinyl and gunite surfaces.

3. No assembly required.

4. No bags, wheels or diaphragm.

5. Wide body design for fast cleaning.

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